The Cove, 129, Harrington Street, Sydney

The SkyHouse is packed with the Latest AMX technology and controls. Even as you enter the Sky House using Bio-Lock (no keys) you can control the lights and music that await you as you open the door. The numerous wireless AMX control panels give you access to the Cinema, TV's, Lighting and over 40 speakers throughout the Sky House.

In addition, wall mounted Dynalite control panels offer additional functionality with timed events such as the electric curtains closing automatically in the early hours allowing resident to fall asleep with the view. LCD screens built into the wall replace traditional hanging photos/art enabling ever rotating images to be displayed.

Special materials have been used as a Spa cover on the entertainment deck, utilising the space for an illuminated dance floor as well as Spa. Technology extends into all areas of the SkyHouse with surprinsing fully automatic toilets undertaking numerous functions not normally experienced outside of Japan!